The Tyrannosaurus

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was known as the king of the tyrant lizards. The height was nearly 12 feet (3.7 meters). It weighed about seven tons, or fourteen thousand pounds. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was heavier than two large elephants.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex hand two arms and on each arm there are two claws. Their arms were less than three feet long. The Tyrannosaurus Rex couldn't even touch its mouth because their arms were so short. You must think what use is this, the Tyrannosaurus Rex can't even touch its mouth. Well, some scientists believed the Tyrannosaurus Rex's arm were not for grasping or eating either. The scientists think it was for raising itself from the ground or itself after its rest. The claws could have been used to dig into the ground to keep its heavy body from sliding when raising itself.

Their feet are ten feet long. If you imagine an animal's legs ten feet long? An adult standing right next by the animal could barely reach its knee. The Tyrannosaurus Rex legs are long and strong too because if their legs aren't strong they would not have been able to run so that's why this is an adaptation. One reason the Tyrannosaurus Rex could not run is because of its heavy body and if the Tyrannosaurus can't run it wouldn't have been able to catch its food. Their hind legs are for running to catch its prey. The Tyrannosaurus Rex needed its strong legs to support its big body.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex's tail would have been for fighting or killing its food. How can it get its food you ask? Well, they use their tail and whack their food and it falls or sometimes they need to use their teeth to bite their food. The Tyrannosaurus Rex are sometimes lazy so they try and use their tail and try and steal the other Tyrannosaurus Rex's food. They also used their tail and defend themselves from other Tyrannosaurus rexes. When the Tyrannosaurus Rex walked he swung its tail from side to side.When the Tyrannosaurus Rex swung its tail the Tyrannosaurus Rex would waddle like a duck. But before the scientists found out that the Tyrannosaurus Rex swung its tail they thought the Tyrannosaurus Rex dragged its tail. The reason that the scientist thought the Tyrannosaurus Rex moved upright and draged its tail was because the Tyrannosaurus Rex's skeletons show them but however now they think that the Tyrannosaurus Rex swung its tail and leaning forward when the Tyrannosaurus walked. The scientists think that the Tyrannosaurus Rex's tail was fat and short.The Tyrannosaurus Rex's tail would balance the weight of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's huge head allowing the Tyrannosaurus Rex to move fast.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex's teeth are sharp. They use their teeth to rip dinosaurs apart and for eating too. The Tyrannosaurus Rex have tooth that are 6 inches long. Their teeth are also curved, and jagged. One of the dinosaurs that the Tyrannosaurus Rex hunted was called hadrosar. Another name they were called by was the duck-billed because of their beak shape. There's another tyrannosaurus Rex victim they were called the Triceratop. They were strong and large. The tyrannosaurus Rex had to have sharp teethes because their victims had thick layer of skin and also they need it to rip dinosaurs flesh to eat. If they did not have sharp teethes they might starve to death. They are better than the other meat eating dinosaurs because they have larger than the other meat eating dinosaurs because some meat eating dinosaurs are no bigger than us. So the other meat eating dinosaurs can't steel the Tyrannosaurus Rex's food.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex did not always catch its prey themselves; they sometimes steal food from other Tyrannosaurus Rex. When that happens a fight will take place.

Scientists believe long ago the Cretaceous Period began about 138 million year ago and lasted about 73 million years. They lived North America but then the North America was not named yet.long ago the air was warm. It was less favorble for coal-forming, swamps. Did you know that the tyrannosaurus rexes is not an cold weather dinosaur? The reason I know that is when you look at all the pictures of the tyrannosaurs rexes. Do you see any fur or feathers sticking out of their body? So this matches with the climate change because when the tyrannosaurus lived the cont ients were actually moving. So when the contients stop moving all the contients had moved near the north pole. So that will cause the place to get more cooler than before. Opps I spooled the theroy of cilmate change! Well lets go on. They really match their environment because before the contients moved their environment was warm like I said. Oh yeah! There were also lots of forests too. Now try imagen this. Now the Cretaceous period is warm right but the tyrannosaurus rexs had lots and lots of fur on them. Wuoldn't that be silly? Beside they might even die because it was too hot. So that is why the tyrannosaurus rexs don't have fur and feathers.

They were called the thera pods. Thera pods means meat eating dinosaurs. They did not eat plants that was why we know them best as the meat eating dinosaurs.

Scientist said the meteors killed off the dinosaurs. The meteors were 10 km (6 miles) in diameter. The meteors would had cause a huge explosion that would punch a hole in the earth. It woul of created a massive of cloud of steam and dust. Those cloud would had shaded the Earth and that would upset the delicate balance of nature. That would cause the extinctino of the dinosaursand other kind of life living in the Cretaceous Period. Now you might ask how wuold upsetting the afffect the tyrannosaurus rex? Well mabey when the cloud shadded the earth it might of block the sun and would get really cold. So when it gets cold the tyrannosaurus rex's body aren't ment for cold weather so they might die out like that.

The theroy of climate change. This theroy was suggested that the cilmate became too cold for themand that means that the plants will change too.. So the plants will change from a rich, tropical plant to a tough, cold weather plant.So both of these proved too much for the dinosaurs and then they all died out. One of thereasons forclimate change was that the earth's continents were actually moving. Now see the map? By the late Cretaceous Period the contients all had move near the North Pole. If all the contients move near the north pole maybe the cilmate got too cold and the Tyrannosarus Rex coul not adatp. So the climate got much cooler than before. The contients were separated by the huge seaways. But these are all just theory. Look at the top picture of the map. That was the Palaeozoicera time. It was between 600 and 225millon years ago. Now go down to the next one. Now that was the Triassic period. That was between 225 and 195 millon years ago. Two more to go. Now the third one is the Cretaceous period. So that was between 135 and 65 millon years ago. Now finally we have reached the end. The fourth one is the most recentest picture of our earth today. It is from 65 millon years ago to the present.



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By: Traci

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